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December 2019/ January 2020 Funding Campaign for C-FTAV purchase

Currently stored in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, C-FTAV, a Fokker F-28-1000 was one of a fleet of over 30 that had originally served with Gardua Indonesia, and Piedmont/US Air. It was introduced to the fleet in 1991, and served until 2002/2003. It was unveiled with a polished aluminum body, with Canadi>n Airlines tail colours, as their 25th Anniversary aircraft. After the Silver Anniversary, it was painted into Standard Canadi>n Regional paint, before a final version hybrid Air Canada with Canadi>n Regional titles was introduced in 2000.

This aircraft represents one of the last of the world-wide Fokker F-28-1000 fleet. Upon return to Lethbridge, it will be the ONLY F-28-1000 on display on the Continent. It will be only one of two in aircraft livery displayed in an (eventual) Museum Setting. With Fokker Aircraft no longer in existence, this is a rare aircraft. The rest of the fleet of the type, stored in Saskatoon, will be scrapped in early 2020.

With little time to organize, and as a Not-for-profit organization, we have started a private 11th hour gofundme campaign, to help secure the purchase of the aircraft, to bring back to Lethbridge, Alberta, for permanent display.

With a deadline of January 31, 2020 we are in critical need of the funds to pruchase the aircraft from an Argentinian-based Disposal Company. Partial funds will be used to purchase additional parts not on the engine-less aircraft. With the help of donated transport from ALCO Energy of Edmonton, we will need to move the aircraft no later than March 31, 2020 from Saskatoon to Lethbridge. Fuel for the move will be needed,as well as lifting devices in both cities to help with disassembly, and reassembly.

We hope to have the aircraft on static, non-restored display for the 2020 Lethbridge International Airshow.

SHORTS SD-330, S/N SH3007 – Currently in Storage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Air Cargo Carriers

Funding campaign to return C-GTAV to Lethbridge, commencing early 2020

Commencing in early 2020, we will be starting a funding campaign for the return of SHORTS SD3-30 C-GTAV, to Lethbridge. A generous donation of the aircraft by Air Cargo Carriers of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (with all exterior parts to complete the aircraft), will ensure a proper restoration of the #3 production aircraft off the line from SHORTS of Ireland. This aircraft will represent the ONLY aircraft of its type on this Continent, with only one other airline-liveried aircraft on display in Northern Ireland.

Time Air was the WORLD launch airline for this aircraft. This represents a significant commercial aviation artifact, and one we will proudly display when returned to Lethbridge. Once again, ALCO Energy will be assisting with donated drivers and transportation equipment for the move from Milwaukee to Lethbridge.

Our funding campaign will be for fuel and lifting devices (in Milwaukee and Lethbridge). Please stay tuned, as we launch this important campaign.

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